Awesome Wells in Wales

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“The First Mirror as a place of the sun at night” as Nigel Pennick  says in his book Celtic Sacred Landscapes. You cant help  looking into the deep waters  and thinking about all the faces who had peered in for maybe thousands of years!  From the depths of the earth the water bubbles to the surface and its not surprising … Read More

33,000 years old, Happy Birthday Pavilland man!

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Wow , on my Welsh escape yesterday I  must have fallen into a time warp . And am now adding to my bucket list the Pavilland caves . 33000 years old  and a story of climatic and geographical  changes that blow your mind . Who was this man and why were people visiting this Sacred place even to Roman times … Read More

All Blooming Marvellous in South Wales

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Whatever your doing whether planting or visiting the gardens of Wales you have to slow down ! The seasons changing and Autumn  has arrived the late summer sun still calls us to get outside and dig or admire the seasons best  and Wales has great venues to visit , The Dahlias at Dyffryn are stunning and some are as big … Read More

The nights are drawing out !Beware The Bwgan or Cap Coch

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The Nights are drawing out  and perhaps there is no better time to explore the darker side of our welsh heritage , Some not for the faint hearted or the sensitive. All over Wales there are accounts of strange apparitions from omens of death with phantom funerals to Bwgans who reak chaos on lonely roads  . There are also very … Read More

Great little Secrets in Wales

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I Travel around Wales all the time and it’s not a surprise , but it’s always amazing that you can walk through a door or a gate to some experiences that are  off the beaten track and the radar of the most tourists, but well worth the adventure and in some ways no visit to Wales is complete without a … Read More

Ten must do things in Cardiff

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1. Lunch of Cawl in Madame Fromage and shop in the old Arcades . 2. Cardiff Castle and learn about one of my favourite eccentrics. 3. Boat trip on Roath Park Lake with plenty of bread for the ducks. 4 .Boat Trip on the Bay and walk to Victorian Penarth ,and the Pier. 5. St Fagans leave plenty of time and … Read More

Lose yourself in some Welsh Favourites

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Which destinations do you choose in Wales , they all have their own story, from old favourites to new haunts your guaranteed a great visit ! Here are some of my favourites from the past year!