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Taking a genealogy vacation is different from traveling to a national park or spending a week at the beach. Family history travel is more personal, whether you are researching specific family lines or visiting the places your ancestors lived.

Genealogy vacations can also present unusual challenges and opportunities. Planning ahead is the best way to make sure your genealogy vacation is successful.

That’s where Shân’s Wales Tours come in!

When you visit Wales, we will arrange with your genealogist to make sure you make the most of your visit by building you the perfect itinerary. We’ll make sure to know before you leave home:

  • How much time will you need?
  • Which family members will you focus on?
  • What will your travel partner(s) do while you are researching – play golf? Take day trips?
  • Is this a research-only trip, or will you combine research and sightseeing?

By building your itinerary around your needs, and with guidance from your genealogist, you’ll be able to spend just the right amount of time researching your past and walking in their footsteps, whilst also making the most of beautiful Wales.

Preferred Genealogist

Gillian Crandon

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  • Allow extra time – lots of it – for getting lost, talking with locals and taking photographs.
  • Remember to bring addresses, opening days and times and contact information for every place you plan to visit. Print out a list of national holidays, too.
  • Leave extra room in your luggage to bring home books, copies and unexpected mementos.
  • Never, ever bring original family history documents on research trips. Make copies and bring them instead.
  • Bring pencils, digital camera batteries, and extra memory sticks. A spiral notebook with folder pockets will help you keep trip-related notes and documents together.
  • If you plan to visit outdoor locations, such as cemeteries, plan for bad weather. You have only one chance to get the information and photographs you want, so you will need sturdy shoes, insect repellent, an umbrella, sunscreen and a hat, at the very least.

Contact Shân today and see how you can get more from your visit to Wales.

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