South Wales Valleys, Brecon Beacons & Hay-on-Wye


The Valleys have captivated travellers for centuries, attracted poets and artists and had an impact on the World. Travelling through towns, we can visit the sites that tell the stories of the many people who worked and lived in the shadows of the mountains .

We can trace our way through the  different Valleys and experience some of the epic landscapes that are the signature of the Beacons. On your trip we can stop at the Blaenavon Cottages where you can go down into Big Pit and visit the miners’ cottages. Visit the Senghenydd memorial, the Guardian. We can drive through the National Park to Hay-on-Wye, a beautiful Welsh border town. Or visit the Gospel Pass – not for the faint hearted! When we meet, I will explain a little of the history of the market towns of Abergavenny and Hay. We would leave Hay-on-Wye at approx 4pm so you would be back in Cardiff for 6pm.