Insider Tips for Visiting Snowdonia National Park in Wales


Courtesy of TravelAge West.

When describing Wales, Shan Kareen Eastwood gushes with admiration, calling it Great Britain’s best-kept secret. And if anybody knows how to properly define Wales, it would be Eastwood.

The Welsh owner of Shan’s Wales Tours — a driver and guide service that offers tailored tours — has hit the road with travelers for six years and counting. Yet she still manages to find new adventures even today (and has never offered the same itinerary twice).

According to Eastwood, from the idyllic capital city of Cardiff all the way to the busy sea port of Holyhead, the destination attracts every type of traveler, including those interested in Welsh antiquity, gastronomy and much more.

“Wales is steeped in history and legend — there’s so much to do and see,” she said. “You can get off the beaten track, escape the crowds and find solitude and beauty. It’s also an ancient land; around every corner, there are stunning views that tell the stories of King Arthur and other kings, as well as the struggle of an industrial past. You can let your imagination run wild as you walk ancient trails. It’s an addictive, hypnotic destination.”

And for those tempted by adventure, Snowdonia National Park may be just the ticket, she says. The national park is Wales’ largest and home to 18 of the highest peaks in the principality, along with untamed woodlands, azure-blue lakes, impressive waterfalls and tucked-away caverns.

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