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Its a strange thing what we take for granted , I was on a course yesterday to become an Ambassador for the Vale of Glamorgan ,It was great to hear about Saints and sacred places where you can tie a ribbon around a tree to say thanks for getting well or having a great life after adversity  , Now I realise I have a lot of ribbons to tie and in the Vale there are a lot of places where you can tie them , I took an hour out yesterday just  to have a walk on the beach and visit one of my own favourite Sacred places .

When I got home it was really great to have three thank you messages from guests from all over the world thanking me for their own personal tours where they got to visit a great welsh location , So I must say thank you to them and hope they come back to visit some of my new destinations

From Celtic stones and Holy wells to ancient monasteries its great to revisit the past and say thank you .

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Llanthony Priory has to be near the top of any ones list !

My Favourite Southerndown

My Favourite Southerndown

For Great Time Travel try visiting Tinkinswood